Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz lightings that suits your room as decrations in night. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to floor capiz lamp shades. Jumbo Pacific Inc. Raw shell of capiz to home and room decorations to hanging capiz chandeliers. Phlippine Hand made products of table capiz lamp shades in variety of collection from capiz chips design and in different colors and sizes. Collection of capiz chips and strands in a variety of colors and designs, sizes, with hole or without hole.
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Capiz Chips Product:
Jumbo Pacific Inc., Philippine Hand made Table Capiz lamp shade from the raw shell of capiz shells.
Jumbo Pacific Inc., Philippine hand made capiz hanging chandelier from the raw shell of capiz shells from natural components home decorations.
Jumbo Pacific Inc., Capiz shell from Raw shell of Natural Component to elegant capiz floor lamp shades.
Capiz collection of chip, strand, design, color
Natural and Colored Capiz Curtain from the philippine
Jumbo Pacific Inc. Collection of Capiz Candle Holder that ligts up your night.

Capiz Chip Philippines is the Hottest and best export quality for making top modern or even classic Home, Kitchen and Bath Interior DECORATION Design components. Made of capiz shell chips perfectly handmade to make your home, offices, bedroom, living room or even your private room more unique, elegant and stylish design. Our Table Capiz Lamp Shades, Hanging Chandeliers and Floor Lamp Shades are very easy to install. Available in different colors, shapes and design.

Capiz Chip Philippines seashells are also use for making beautiful home decoration, kitchen interior design and even kitchen utensil. Capiz chips home decoration can make your home and kitchen elegant and luxurious. The round capiz shells chips called capiz Shell strings and capiz shell strands are use to make Capiz chandeliers, Capiz lamps, Capiz windchimes and capiz curtains.

The chandeliers, lamps, curtains and windchimes can also be use in the hotel, resorts, private room, living room and bedroom. Capiz seashells can also be use as home and kitchen decoration and utensils such as capiz napkin rings, plates, bowls and glass. Capiz Chips can make all of this in different design, size and color.

Capiz Chips Philippines shell tiles and wall panels are specifically made for interior design walling decoration in hotels, condominiums, residences, buildings and offices. Capiz shell tiles are use for capiz mother of pearl wall coverings and capiz wall surfacing. Interior designers select capiz materials for the interior wall decoration because of its natural effect like stones that are mounted on the walls. Jumbo Pacific Inc. is manufacturing and exporting of all capiz shell tiles and available in different colors, size and design.

Capiz Chip philippines Shell is very natural but cultivated pearl produced by a mollusk after the intentional introduction of a foreign object inside the creature's Shell Jewelry. The discovery that such pearls could be cultivated in freshwater mussels is said to have been made in 13th-century China, and the Chinese have been adept for hundreds of years at cultivating pearls by opening the mussel's Shell Jewelry and inserting into it small pellets of mud or tiny bosses of wood, bone, or metal and returning the mussel to its bed for about three years to await the maturation of a pearl.

Capizphilippines.com is under Jumbo Pacific Inc., Probably one of the largest Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter of all high quality Capiz Chip for making Home, Resorts & Hotel Lighting Decoration Products, Fashion Shell Accessory Manufacturer, Shell Jewelry Wholesaler and Natural Shell Exporter in Cebu, Philippines.